I am a Digital Strategist, Media Professor, and Public Speaker.  I formulate customized and goal-driven Digital Business Strategies that include catalyzing activities such as lead generation, communication, product development, and customer support.  I lecture and give workshops on communication, media, and the social web. I use my powerful combination of creative vision and rigorous analysis in the media to help build, restructure, and transform companies to reap the rewards that Social Media has to offer.  I am the proud father of Lea and Jad who have naturally made their way into my music playlists, tweets, and thoughts.


Transmedia Storytelling in the Digital Age Panel

The Mobile Show 2013

Social Media For Social Clubs – Lions Beirut

Social Media Changing Lives

Dubai Culture

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Dubai Business Women Council-2

Dubai Business Women Council

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Council of Europe World Forum for Democracy – Strassburg

Challenges in Southern Mediterranean – Civil Society, dialogue, media, and governance

Business Oppertunities

BIFEX 2012 – The Retail Industry

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Arabnet 2013

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Arabnet 2012

2nd Arabian Social Media Forum