8bit games… an era lost forever!

Scrolling through the lengths of my personal accounts on Social Media, I get to see new photos, videos, statuses or even learn world news from my friends’ feeds.

But the other day, I wasn’t quite prepared for that one “click” which would transport me through a wormhole of nostalgia, back to the days when I was a little boy spending countless hours scooping thrill, pleasure and intense satisfaction from 8bit video games.

When I clicked on the link of “Top 10 8bit music tracks”, I traveled back instantly to the Stone Age of technology and video games, to the era we now label as Retro, but which was back at the time the heaven of fun and innovation.

Who can forget the sound of Mario catching a coin or Sonic overcoming the obstacles? Those sounds were the anthem of all the Weekends and Holidays we spent progressing through the different levels.

Some of us preferred Nintendo, others Sega or Atari, but we all played almost the same games: Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario, Mario Kart, Street Fighter and so much more…

And you, what was your favorite game? How much time did you spend playing in a single sitting? Do you still remember the sounds of every game you played? Do you think touchscreens can generate the same thrill of the joystick?

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