Have you decided who of your loved ones can manage your Facebook profile after you’ve passed?

Have you decided who of your loved ones can manage your Facebook profile after you’ve passed? The topic has attracted huge attention online and offline. I provide more insight about…


Would you let technology measure, chart, and optimize your relationships?

How open are you to measuring your heart rate and other data to get recommendations on what people makes you happy, anxious, or bored? pplkpr is a combination of technology…


Twitter Advises Media Companies In Arab World

Twitter assists media companies in the Arab World in building their Social Media strategies in terms of communication, community building, widening reach of their content, in addition to monetization options….


Live Broadcasting from Computers The Size of Your Shirt Buttons

Soon you will be able to walk around carrying 12 computers, each embedded in the button of your shirt. These computers will record and share (selectively) what you see, hear,…


Launch of Dubai Innovation Hub for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and SMEs

Dubai Innovation Hub (مركز الابتكار) is an ambitious initiative to empower Entrepreneurship, startups, and Small to medium Enterprises in the Untied Arab Emirates by providing them with access to funding…


Is it OK to “Like” your own Instagram picture?

In your opinion, is it OK in terms of etiquette to like your own picture on Instagram (or Facebook)? Over lunch today a friend handed me her phone to show…


Local Businesses in the UAE are Growing and are Avid Users of Instagram

The Emirates Diaries, an English magazine established by Emiratis to increase awareness of the UAE’s culture and history, launched its 4th issue tonight and it brought together a very interesting mix…

woman's hand using smart phone at beach. Smartphone black screen. Girl using black color smartphone at Beach from Thailand.

Can you take a break from Social Media and email while on vacation?

If you are on vacation and you still use your phone to use Social Media and email, then you are passing on the opportunity to recharge effectively.  If you can travel…


Facebook Statistics for Middle East and North Africa

How many times do you check Facebook on your mobile per day?  3 times? 5 times? The average number in MENA is 18 times per day! Facebook shared in September…


Social Media Day UAE 2014

Celebration of Social Media Day in UAE brought together Social Media enthusiasts, community managers, entrepreneurs, startups,… Insight shared was about the UAE Banking Report on Social Media, Social Media indicators…