Banks in the UAE have Embraced Social Media

Banks in the UAE have significantly grown their Social Media activity as of Q3 of 2013 and across different channels. We analyzed the content of more than 4,500 Social Media updates posted by the most active banks and found that 47% of the content falls under the category of “Marketing by Brand” while 37% is “Engaging Customers”.

UaeBanks1Looking at the Social Media channels of choice for banks in the UAE, 43% are active on Facebook, 39% are active on Twitter, 75% have accounts on LinkedIn, and 36% have accounts on Instagram.

The average community size as of May 2014 for the active banks is 101,991 on Facebook and 16,412 on Twitter.

LinkedIn average community size is 13,570 followers and an average of FOUR posts per bank per month in 2014 . 10% of banks are taking advantage of Showcase Pages.




Instagram average community size is 500 followers and an average of 12 posts per bank per month in 2014

UaeBanks270% of the status updates were in English while 17% were in Arabic. The remaining 13% were a mix of both Arabic and English in the same status update.

Active Banks in the UAE post on average 261 status up- dates per quarter on Facebook and 271 updates per quarter on Twitter. There are fluctuations based on season, competitions, promotions,… Banks have been active every day of the week on Facebook and Twitter. There is a slight drop of activity over the weekend; however, they continue to remain active.

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