Book: Secrets of Success From the co-founder of Twitter

Read the book of the co-founder of Twitter on how it got started and grew. Reminded me of the early days of Twitter and how I fell in love with Twitter as a platform and used it for digital self-expression and connecting with others. Recently, I’ve been finding myself with a decreasing passion for Twitter as the engagement there (for me) is not at the levels it was before. Reading about the early days of Twitter rekindled that interest and I’ll let the sentimentalist in me take more interest than the analyst as I explore how to rekindle my passion for Twitter.
A few quotes that resonated with me:
“For almost a decade now, we’ve been “friending,” “following,” “liking,” and in other ways amassing a prodigious network of virtual connections, but without a long-term goal. What’s it all for?”

“Now, in the world of hyperconnected news feeds, an app can acquire a million users in a week. But back then you had to claw your way up, literally relying on old fashioned word of mouth” on Twitter in 2007 – Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter

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