Can you take a break from Social Media and email while on vacation?

If you are on vacation and you still use your phone to use Social Media and email, then you are passing on the opportunity to recharge effectively.  If you can travel without a smartphone, please do (if you figure out how to do that, tell me how).

On a personal level, I’ve tried many different techniques for digital detox during vacation, a lot of them unsuccessful.  For example, checking and responding to email in the morning before heading out kept my mind pre-occupied all day.  Doing it late at night before going to bed lead to uncomfortable sleep.  The closest I’ve come is to not check email/Social Media for several days then taking a dip to see if anything spiraled out of control (usually the world keeps on spinning with or without our intervention).


Why Facebook users share photos during vacations?

  • To make self seem more interesting (11%)
  • To get social media engagement, e.g. “likes” on Facebook (18%)
  • To make friends/family/co-workers jealous (8%)
  • To capture holiday moments (54%)
  • Due to enjoyment of sending photography (64%)
  • To show off photography skills (10%)
  • To update family/loved ones on whereabouts (61%)

Source:  Can posting too many vacation photos on Facebook cause unfriending?


I don’t have suggestions yet for solving issues such as the below:

  • I had a conflict where I needed Google Maps to get to my location, Foursquare (for location and dish recommendations), Airline App, and other apps to better get around the vacation. However, that also automatically enables my Social Media apps running on the same smartphone.  A lot of self-discipline needed to be applied not to check email and Social Media.  The workaround I found is to use the phone of another traveler with you.
  • You have more time (relatively) on your hands and want to share feedback and thoughts on Social Media to make up for when your busy days got in the way.
  • Vacations usually trigger new experiences (new natural view such as a beach or mountain, artistic wall, live street performance,…).  These triggers usually urge you to share it with others so you end up fighting the urge to share.


I wish you more vacations, peace of mind, and fewer interruptions via notifications.


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