تحضّروا لعالم جديد من تقنيات التحكّم الالكتروني

التقنيات التي نستخدمها اليوم للتحكّم بالكمبويتر، مثل لوحة المفاتيح والماوس هي إلى زوال. فابتداء من اليوم، وخلال الأعوام القليلة المقبلة، ستتبدّل طريقة التحكّم بالكمبيوتر وغيره من الأجهزة الالكترونية. فمعظم الهواتف…


Snapchat Dubai Sticker

If you would like to tell the world of your whereabouts and notify your friends and followers of the latest city you’ve visited, do more than just check in via…


Startups are Unrealistically Optimistic

Unsurprisingly, startup entrepreneurs always have impractical prospects to the number of users, profits and business exposure during the first year. When working with startups I guide them to focus on…


قمّة روّاد التواصل الاجتماعي العرب

خلقت قمّة روّاد التواصل الاجتماعي العرب، والتي أقيمَت أخيراً في دبي، موجة تفاعلية أثّرت على مختلف جوانب الإعلام العربي، ورسّخت مفهوم المؤثرين على نطاق واسع. قبل بضع سنوات، كنّا نطلق…


Twitter Advises Media Companies In Arab World

Twitter assists media companies in the Arab World in building their Social Media strategies in terms of communication, community building, widening reach of their content, in addition to monetization options….


Launch of Dubai Innovation Hub for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and SMEs

Dubai Innovation Hub (مركز الابتكار) is an ambitious initiative to empower Entrepreneurship, startups, and Small to medium Enterprises in the Untied Arab Emirates by providing them with access to funding…


Local Businesses in the UAE are Growing and are Avid Users of Instagram

The Emirates Diaries, an English magazine established by Emiratis to increase awareness of the UAE’s culture and history, launched its 4th issue tonight and it brought together a very interesting mix…


Social Media Day UAE 2014

Celebration of Social Media Day in UAE brought together Social Media enthusiasts, community managers, entrepreneurs, startups,… Insight shared was about the UAE Banking Report on Social Media, Social Media indicators…


Banks in the UAE have Embraced Social Media

Banks in the UAE have significantly grown their Social Media activity as of Q3 of 2013 and across different channels. We analyzed the content of more than 4,500 Social Media…


Digital and Social Media Guidelines for Startups and Entrepreneurs

I’ve recently published guidelines targeted at startups and entrepreneurs who are just getting started in Digital and Social Media to promote their business, Mobile App, or service.  This presentation has…