Facebook renovates its video analytics

Day after day, I meet individuals and companies to advise them on their Social Media activity and strategy, and every time, I still face the common question asked by all the brands on “How to increase the Likes on Facebook?”. This question might have been more relevant a few years ago, but asking it in 2015 means that these brands are missing a lot of the features presented by Social Media platforms. When answering them, I proceed to emphasize how important it is to look at the 60+ other KPIs related to their Social Media activity. And one of my favorite examples on the matter is how Facebook “shows you more videos similar to the ones you expand to full-screen, un-mute or opt to watch in HD, even if you don’t like, share or comment”. Facebook even introduced a dedicated “Video section” to their “Insights” reporting, to help users better understand how people respond to their videos on Facebook.
What might all this mean to these brands? They will now have a better video suggestion experience on Facebook, and an easier way to learn what people are watching, to determine how to more effectively create and promote their videos on Facebook.

Read more on this particular issue, and check how Facebook overhauls its video analytics as the competition with YouTube increases.

(Image Source: http://marketingland.com/youtube-vs-facebook-video-two-titans-face-off-123419)


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