How do we laugh over the internet?  

The Internet and Social Media have become an integral part of our daily life, to the extent that our behavioral social development is directly linked to our electronic comportment.

This particular actuality can be best described by the evolution of our electronic laugh, which has drastically changed over time. Back in the 90’s, when people started using the internet to socialize and meet others, their only medium of communication was text transmitted through chat rooms and messengers. Chatting was cold and devoid of human expression, and the community began to come up with virtual expressions of sentiments to express their feelings online, thus was born the term “LOL” (laughing out loud).

But with the development of the internet and the introduction of Social Media, our electronic communication evolved to be closer to human expression. “LOL”, which was abundantly used in the past, started to slowly wither, until it became almost absent from our present-day communication, and replaced by “HAHA”, “HEHE”, and their derivatives, to better mimic a more human expression.

Text is not the leading instrument of communication anymore, especially that the emerging Social Media applications (Snapchat, Meerkat, Facebook, Instagram and much more) are opening the way for the growth of video messaging and communication. And as the internet is going forward, people went back to adopting a more natural and expressive way of communication, thus, they went back to using a more accurate human expression, of not only laughter but sentiment and perception.

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