Is it OK to “Like” your own Instagram picture?

In your opinion, is it OK in terms of etiquette to like your own picture on Instagram (or Facebook)?

Over lunch today a friend handed me her phone to show me a particular picture she had posted earlier on Instagram, and my first reaction was: you like your own picture?

  • The Facebook equivalent notification is: “Ayman liked his own photo”
  • Posting a photo is a strong expression that you more than “Like” it. It means so much to you that you posted it for everyone to see (including coworkers, friends, families, employers,…)

The discussion then moved on to Snapchat and the significance (and annoyance in some cases) of the Last Seen on WhatsApp.

Below is a snippet of the related online discussion – click on the comments to see more.

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  • Roger Reply

    It’s just like a sportsman celebrating his own goal, which is totally normal. 😉

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