Local Businesses in the UAE are Growing and are Avid Users of Instagram

The Emirates Diaries, an English magazine established by Emiratis to increase awareness of the UAE’s culture and history, launched its 4th issue tonight and it brought together a very interesting mix of culture, literature, music, entrepreneurship, and art.

The entrepreneurship aspect resonated with me as the event showcased local businesses that rely extensively on Social Media (Instagram in particular) to grow their business. I got to talk to one of the founders of the local business and she was clear that when she posts less on Social Media, the number of enquiries decreases.  To know more about the local businesses using Social Media to grow their business: ChikaChika MoltenMe MaisonSucre Sakura Roza

The artists were a combination of illustration artists, painters, musicians, photographers,… Two pieces that I spent time on are a bit more in the digital aspect.  I tried to get the QR code (below) to identify and it never did, that was when the artist nudged me telling me that it was more of an art piece and message more than the function of a QR code.

The good folks of the Social Media Club UAE were there actively on the ground taking it all in and contributing actively to the Social Media discussions taking place.

The #mydubai folks also shared more information about their initiative and how it is growing across different Social Media channels.

There was a musical performance by local guitarist Nawaf Al Naqbi where he performed an electronic rendition of Disney’s Frozen which I had to record and send to 4-year old Lea to see if she would recognize a rendition of the original (she did).

Emirates Diaries need a tablet app for their work in addition to a website presence.  I spoke with one of the founders and they have those on their roadmap.  In the meantime,  Instagram is really working for them.


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