Movie Chef Gets You Hungry to Tweet, Blog, and Eat

One area I am strongly passionate about is how Social Media plays a role in day-to-day lives and when I see it depicted in movies and TV shows it is an indication to me that spilling into pop culture is a form of recognition of Social Media and it’s role in our day-to-day.

I saw Chef and enjoyed the extensive tie in of Social Media in its plot:

– One second everyday then you put the whole video back together
– Vine
– Twitter
– Follower growth
– Basics of twitter (public messages,  private messages, …)
– Facebook page
– Small business growing due to Social Media and a good product
– Business failing due to Social Media
– “Viral” Content
– Food blog being popular and then bought out by a media company
– Investment I’m growing a business fueled by Internet success

All I wanted to do during the movie?
Tweet and draft this post 🙂
(And eat of course)

(Image source: IMDB)

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