Snapchat Dubai Sticker

If you would like to tell the world of your whereabouts and notify your friends and followers of the latest city you’ve visited, do more than just check in via Facebook or Instagram, because the ephemeral Social Media platform Snapchat has witnessed lately a huge surge in the use of the innovative “City Stickers” among its users across the world.
From among a select group of cities, Dubai has been selected by Snapchat to have its own sticker as part of its geolocation filters; offering Dubai’s visitors the opportunity to upload photos and images from the city and brand them with the Dubai sticker. It’s almost equivalent to the hashtag on other platforms, but users cannot use the sticker unless they’re geographically present in Dubai which adds allure and particularity to the feature.
How do you get the Dubai sticker?
When you take your photo or video, swipe right on the screen to add information about your current speed, instant weather forecast, the time, or if you are physically in Dubai swipe right one more time to add the Dubai sticker to your snap.
(What we also love about the Dubai sticker is that it reflects Dubai’s latest branding


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    The ‘geofilters’ add a custom sticker to your photo, and are unlocked only when you’re in a specific place or city. A Snapchat user snaps a friend on the roof of The Getty art museum in Los Angeles and overlays a new geofilter to show where the snap was taken.

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