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An unplanned evening stroll with the family at a pop-up market in the heart of Beirut was a big eye opener on the factual relation between the business owners of artisanal products and Social Media marketing.
Almost all of the items in the market were displayed to attract female shoppers, and while my mother and wife were having the best time bargaining on the prices and meticulously scrutinizing every detail, I was caught up by the eloquence of the business owners and their distinguished ability to persuade the customers by telling the story and history of each and every product, and by detailing their specifications.
And I wondered… Do these people have Social Media accounts? How might they be using it to reach out to new clients and improve their businesses?
It was clear that almost all of them had accounts on different Social Media platforms, but they were not spending enough time selling themselves and their products online, to benefit from the electronic word to mouth effect, which could send their sales skyrocketing.
Those people, who have spent decades honing their selling maneuvers, and developed retailing tactics to deal with the different types of customers, don’t need neither advanced Social Media courses no marketing strategies; they only need to take their passion online, and offer all the details and information about their creations through a catchy post or an attractive image, to lure in more customers and create better sales results.
That 60 something lady, who owns a fashion jewelry store, and her late 50’s neighbor displaying beads and gems, are the perfect candidates to start a prosperous business on Social Media, because they have the strategy, the product, the content and the ambition for success.
Every business owner is invited today to take their business online, and I advise them to focus on two important platforms, Instagram and Facebook, to guarantee the best interaction with customers and instill in them a genuine feeling of brand loyalty.
As soon as they take a step towards concretizing their online presence, handmade business owners need to apply a simple advertising strategy to promote very specific products and pieces at various times, with a real emphasis on holidays and new seasons. Once this is applied, low cost Social Media marketing can be infused into the overall strategy to generate more leads and expose the brand to a much larger number of customers.


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