Tips and Tricks for TV Interviews

Being on television is easier said than done. When given the chance, you may be wondering is there enough time for me to discuss the topic? What should I do when the questions is out of my area of expertise? How should I start answering the questions? Here are some tips when doing TV interviews.

1- Timing: It may seem that two to seven minutes isn’t enough time to spread a message. The reality is that it’s more than enough time. So there is no need to rush multiple messages when given the limited time.

2- Talk in a General Sense: Viewers of television need a general understanding of what the topic is about. Stray away from going into the details of the topic, even though you may know about the topic extensively.

3- How to Start the Interview: Regardless of the question, the first words out of your mouth should be about the key messages to spread. Consider mentioning two to four main points from the beginning to create a building foundation when discussing the topics further.

4- Keep it Simple: Similar to explaining something to your grandmother. When on TV, the large audience wants the general understanding of the topic given to them in a simple way. So keep the wording and the explanation of the topic as simple as possible.

5- Confidence: Presenters have no idea about the topic because they deal with a wide variety of topics throughout the day. So have enough confidence due to your superiority about the knowledge of the topic. You’ll know what to do, and how to answer.

6- Fight or Flight: Although I’ve been doing interviews for more than seven years, I always get a certain rush of energy, which is the human aspect of my body saying fight or flight.Use the fight energy to be alert and answer the questions with confidence.

7- Preparation: When going on live television, it is recommended to prepare talking points to be ready to answer questions and dictate the trajectory of the discussion. It is advised to avoid the details to maintain a straightforward and basic discussion.

8- Avoiding Questions: When asked questions not in your areas of expertise, answer vaguely. It is very rare for the interviewers to have the air time to come back with the question, but if they do, simply say it’s not in my area of expertise.

9- Recordings: If you want to keep a reminder of your interview on TV, always ask for a recording of your interview prior to going on air, otherwise you will chase them around to get the link.

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