Twitter Advises Media Companies In Arab World

Twitter assists media companies in the Arab World in building their Social Media strategies in terms of communication, community building, widening reach of their content, in addition to monetization options. The monetization part I can understand, but helping Media companies with their strategy seems a bit more pampering than it should be. Media companies in the Arab World should by now in 2015 be able to research, identify, and implement (on their own) advanced models to tie twitter content to their shows, cross promote content, create tidbits for the Web… The type of work Ahmad mentioned that he is assisting Media entities with in the region in 2015 are things I had implemented with the Think Media Labs team for TV stations and newspapers back in 2010. I’m a bit sad to hear that this is still the case now and I have a feeling in 2020 I might have a similar discussion.

This discussion took place on January 21st when the smcuae hosted Ahmad who answered clearly about specific aspects of Twitter. Questions from the audience were related to advertising, influencers, content, reach, Twitter verification…


  • Roger Reply

    “elping Media companies with their strategy seems a bit more pampering than it should be”…Agree

    • Ayman Reply

      Thanks Roger for your feedback. I actually had to ask him again to clarify further and it was clear that there is over reliance from some media companies on a third party like Twitter for a core aspect that they need to be able to acquire the skills to do themselves. Guidance is one thing but reliance is another.

  • Roger Reply

    You are welcome.

    i m enjoying your post, so thank you 🙂

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