What is missing from Apple’s Planet of the Apps

What is missing from Apple’s Planet of the Apps is the execution aspect of actually growing the app. The focus in the show currently is about the missing ideas to add to the app. There is no shortage of ideas for the improvement of the entrepreneur. The key is how do you get the app to market, how do you get direct feedback from customers, how can you look at customer acquisition methods, retention, cohorts, costs of acquisition, talking to existing users to see features to improve on,… That is what I work on with investment arms and entrepreneurs to grow their business.  It feels like the show is giving the inaccurate implication that the ideas are everything for an app to succeed.

The second aspect I think is more from a show perspective is there is an excitement aspect that is missing. I sensed Shark Tank and The Voice have more excitement. it might be the over politeness of the judges or how the show is built or it is a little bit too quiet or slow paced than I was hoping it would be. This doesn’t mean I won’t watch it. I know I will watch every episode and I’ll be raising awareness as well within the ecosystem of entrepreneurs related to lessons to learn from the show about things that work and things to look out for. I will be sharing more about that in my Instagram Stories on a weekly basis when the show is released. So make sure you follow me on Instagram.

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