RETRO – The Atari 2600

If you are an 80s kid, you played the Atari.
You connected the console to the TV, plugged a cartridge into the console, no load time because the game loads instantly, and you immerse yourself in hours of play.

Your parents would complain about how all of these hours of play will rot your brain, the same way we as parents do so today 30 years later with our kids.  Same complaint, different generational game.

I remember that some functionality in my joystick no longer worked well from overuse and there wasn’t a practical way in the 80s in Lebanon to get it fixed as this was pre-Internet with no YouTube tutorial or online resources.  My neighbor Waleed with his Electrical Engineering background would help fix it.

I leave you with hopes of finding a retro game to play, there are many you can order online.  Enjoy it.

Retro Moments