The Largest Banksy Exhibition in Mall of the Emirates

Alone together is a concept that I feel is so real where we are together yet we are so alone. There is a book with the same title and my favorite Banksy illustration captures it so well.   


Alone Together by Banksy

Notice the warm embrace and closeness of this couple Banksy illustrated, yet they are so far apart.   


Look around you in any social setting (dinner, social gathering) and you will see that we are together but curious and longing for what is not with us at that moment.   


If you are in the Emirates and into street art, visit what is being labeled as the largest exhibition of Banksy’s artwork in one location with 120 pieces of recreated street art. 


Plus, the artwork is very accessible. Yes, I know, the art aficionados would frown about the commercialization of this work and even Banksy himself. For me, this makes it immensely accessible to me and my family. Plus, I get a large dose of Banksy in one go. So, yes, give me the commercial art today, please. My kids would already have been spending this time on YouTube watching someone else live their faux and cleanly polished life. Plus, I engage my kids to create their own videos to show in their art class.