Youtube Kids Launched in MENA

If you have kids 12 or under, use YouTube kids.   


I did not take into consideration how certain online channels raise my kids. I was making sure they don’t play console games that are not their age or watch cartoons or movies that are not appropriate for their age. What I completely overlooked was the YouTube content. I wouldn’t want my 8-year-old kid to spend a summer with a 16-year-old male cousin, yet my son watches an immense volume of videos of exactly such a 16-year old male who has a huge crusher in his parent’s garage and he crushes things and reacts.  


Enter YouTube kids.  Age-appropriate content. Filtered.   


A warning to parents who already have kids heavily exposed to YouTube, they won’t like it. Get them on YouTube kids early!

Parents also have a certain level of control. Today I ask my kids to unsubscribe from certain channels, but they can still easily watch their content if they want to.   


With YouTube Kids, you can block a single video or an entire channel. 


Finally, we all have the issue of how much time our kids spend online and with tablets. I did work with my kid’s school and their recommendation was 30 minutes a day! 30 minutes! I have them on 2-hour limits now on their iPad, and separately on the Nintendo Switch. The TV has YouTube with no limits and there is always their mom’s phone. They will find a way.

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