Having a Retro Moment - Burning a CD

I saw a tweet the other day it said 
“The romance of burning a playlist onto a CD for someone >>>>> Spotify could never”

Before digital music, carrying music with us was a physical and finite activity. Meaning that you had to be VERY selective about the music you choose to take with you, otherwise, you are stuck with a limited amount of music that you are not excited about.

A CD selection would have around 74 minutes worth of music. You would carefully handpick the music for you, for a loved one, or in an attempt to look cool in front of your friends. Speaking of 90s cool, having a CD player in your car was considered to be cool, and whenever you go over a bump or in a hole in the street, the music tracks skip.

Now we have unlimited music streamed via Spotify, Anghami, Apple Music, Deezer, and countless others.
One thing I miss from the CD days is flipping through the covers in a store or someone’s house. As a visitor, I would gravitate to what books someone has in their house and what CDs. I’d make my instant judgment there about what type of person and how I would engage with them (or not).
Retro Moments