How to Make Money from Your Passion

Every time I remember my discussion with the Rubik's Cube artist Giovanni Contardi, I smile.
Artists I meet tend to have difficulty monetizing their passion that enables them to grow and experiment.
Giovanni is very comfortable working on his art, has a business model he is comfortable with, he is comfortable with himself and very social.
One thing in my discussion with him that annoys me every time I remember it is that he mentioned that he stopped cubing publicly for a few years when he was in school due to ridicule from his school mates. Unappreciated at school is an international phenomenon that has always been the case for decades and it personally frustrates me.

I try to raise awareness about this with young kids and Giovanni was kind enough to make a separate video dedicated to my kids' classmates to help them go through the tough times they may be going through due to lack of appreciation.
When I also look at things from a business perspective (my default thought process), there is a layer of difficulty which is being good at solving a Rubik's cube AND the art.
So, even if someone is an artist, the prerequisite is cubing.

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