Facebook Partners With Spotify To Share Music & Podcasts

Facebook has partnered with Spotify and added a new feature on its mobile app that enables users to listen to shared music and podcasts on the platform within the app without needing to leave Facebook and open the Spotify app*.

Apple’s Podcast app is immensely popular; however, Facebook and Apple are currently on a break (Ross and Rachel Style), so in partnered with Spotify.

One of the feature’s characteristics that I like is how you can continue to browse your newsfeed with the audio playing in the background.  

Facebook wins because it gets you to spend more time in the newsfeed. Spotify wins because it increases the number of listens, the duration of the listens, and acquires new users more cost-effectively via social share.

I love music and feel bad for some of my friends who outgrew listening to music. I like sharing what I listen to even though I know a lot of people will judge me for it.

*The Spotify app and an account are required regardless.
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