Digital Media is Constantly Changing Our Lives

Do you remember a time when you were younger and there were no smartphones?
Specifically no advanced cameras in phones?

Whatever shenanigans we were up to, were not documented. If they happen to be documented, they are as physical pictures in your parent's house where you used to live or on some obscure video format that you don't have a video player for to playback.

With more and more of our lives shared digitally online, I feel we are heading into a combination of two things:

1) Our understanding and behavior of how the data is being used and using that to our advantage.

2) We will miss an aspect where we can be completely ourselves. I know social helps us express ourselves very well but there are parts of us that we do not express due to this information being very public, being monetized, analyzed, and so on.

I discuss these topics on the show with Lucas Skrobot trigged by the discussion around WhatsApp's updated terms and conditions.

Watch it here:
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