The Careem Send Money Club

I received an email from Careem on 28 March 2021 with the subject line: 
"Ayman, welcome to the Send-Money club!" 
Of course, I was intrigued. I am sure Careem's email open rates on this particular email are higher than usual. 

I let the email sleep for a few days and over the weekend, early in the morning, my son was asking me questions about his Arabic homework that I was not very enthusiastic about doing first thing in the morning, so when I received the push notification from Careem nudging me to add my bank account to Careem Pay, I jumped at the opportunity to explore further the integration between Careem Pay and the UAE bank accounts because historically a peer-to-peer payment method integrating with a bank account in any country comes with regulation, security, money laundering concerns, fees, and legacy bank technology.