Your Guide to Update Your Public LinkedIn Profile

If you have not updated your LinkedIn profile in a while, take advantage of your time at home during COVID-19 to update these key elements:

* Headline: Words that summarize the work you do, such as Ayman is a "Something Something." No information about your company. The headline field is you. It could simply be your job title.

* About: The "About" section describes the day-to-day work you do. Think about how you would introduce yourself to someone you just met.

* Experience: It is important to add a few lines under your current and past experience about the day-to-day work you did at the company. Not what the company does, but what you did at that company. Your job title at that company is not enough. Describe the work you do there.

* Recommendations: Ask for them. More people than you think will recommend you; however, you have to ask. You can also make it easier for them by drafting something for them to use as a starting point.

* Background Photo: Take advantage of the visual aspect of a cover photo that highlights your LinkedIn profile. The image can have a picture of you and a title for what you do.

* Edit visibility of the fields in your public profile to enable: background photo, headline, websites, summary, articles and activity, current experience (including details), publication, languages, and recommendations.
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