Tired of Holidays on Zoom? You're not Alone

When technology crosses into pop culture, I pay attention. "All I want for Christmas is no Zooooom" (below) is a parody video that references the pandemic lifestyle with Mariah Carrey's All I want for Christmas.

The choice of no Zoom for Christmas (and extended into the holidays) is a heart-felt wish of wanting things to resemble somewhat the more in person human interaction

Example of the lyrics:

* "I just want to get offline, pretend that I am doing fine"
* "I just want to stop my friends from dancing on TikTok" (No luck there. Even the singer and others who have that sentiment will be joining TikTok, sooner or later, it is inevitable. You don't need to dance.)
* "After months of hybrid learning, I'm not sure if my kids can read" (If in-person schooling is an option, opt for it, for the sanity of the parents)
* "I'll drink some wine tonight, pretending my pants aren't so tight" (Weight gain is more acceptable socially in 2020)