I Bought a Website Address (Domain) During a Guns N Roses Concert

Summary: I bought a website domain during the Guns N Roses concert in Abu Dhabi for a friend to get started with her business.

Entrepreneurship is live and well. Make quick decisions about moving forward.


Just before Guns and Roses started their performance I was answering while we waited questions from a friend about the next steps for starting her business as a guide for corporate employees to help them avoid burn out due to inbalance of sleep, food, and work life.

The concert started and we focused on that. A few songs in, I logged on to GoDaddy, found her full name domain available, and we booked it then and there while Axl and Slash performed on stage.

Entrepreneurship is live and well. Make quick decisions about moving forward.

My recommendations:

  1. Get a personal domain name (not a vague term such as thrive or health). Personal brand in the coaching industry plays an important role

  2. Thematic email address: or getwell@domain

  3. Business cards. Simple. White background. Simple logo. Name, mobile, email, one line about what you do.

  4. Website structure: Home, About, Services, Contact

  5. About: talk about your personal struggle that lead you to this, any qualifications, ...Include a pic of you

  6. Services: four to six areas you can help with. For each service, a title and small paragraph. For example: Improve Sleep. I walk you through the key steps to a better night sleep...

  7. Contact: contact form and pic of you

  8. Home:

  • Top part to have a key pic of you and the one line that explains what you do: I help corporate employees avoid burnout by advising them on better sleep, accommodating family,...

  • Short video of you speaking where you explain what you do for people to sense how genuine you are and how you can help

  • Brief list of services

  • Contact for consultation


Why I did this during the concert:

Building and growing businesses is all I think of, even during downtime of a concert

If I did not do this then and there, that aspiring entreprenur would have lost almost a year pondering the choice of the name. (Personal note: I lost two years being unsure about my blog's name losing two years of great content)

I wanted to create the memory of it at the concert for a great story for the entrepreneur to have of how the business started

Side note:
It is a rarity to spend time with old friends and listen to music you grew up to. Rarity as in years/decades apart. When it does happen, you feel briefly that all is right with the world. That is until you check your email and you dive back in to problem solving.

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