Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops, the new tool set announced by Mark Zuckerberg in May 2020, is a powerful tool for merchants to sell online, and also contribute valuable information to the Facebook algorithm:

- Business Inventory (categories, levels, frequency of purchase, speed of purchase,...)
- Purchase Data (who buys what, how frequently, average purchase sizes,....)
- Products (the GrokNet AI tool of Facebook will have access to an immense amount of products to analyze and process)
- Geographies that buy more than others and what they buy (down to the street level)
- What Banks Merchants Use (payout from Facebook Checkout will be done inevitably to a bank)

The above will also unlock more targeting capabilities to advertisers who want to target people who buy online more than others, buy a certain type of category, up-selling via people who bought this also buy that,....

[I am discussing these topics and more in an online session on Tuesday, 26 May 2020: Facebook Shop 2020: What You Need to Know
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