Smart Mirror @ Adidas Store

Retail stores will continue to exist and grow post-COVID-19, despite what you might hear others say. What will be different is the expectation of in-store retail experiences. What that means is what can I do in your store that I would prefer to do versus buying the product online.

I came across smart mirrors in the dressing rooms of the Adidas store in Dubai Mall that opened in February 2021 as well as custom embroidery.

One thing, I had posted glimpses of the smart mirror on Tiktok and I got comments about the concern of a smart mirror recording you while changing and I loved how some people wanted to go old school with a regular dressing room with a simple mirror and wooden chair. All new technology is evil until it becomes casually used every day.

The Smart Mirror detects the clothes you bring into the fitting room via a magnetic tag present at the bottom. It’s not always 100% accurate, but if anything isn’t appearing immediately, you can bring the tag closer to the bottom of the mirror and it will detect it.
The mirror can be turned off for you to check out the item of clothing you’re trying on. If you’re not satisfied with the fit and want another size, turn the mirror back on, when you tap on an item you have, you can request another size and a store clerk would bring it to you.

Another In-Store experience they had was live customization. You can add badges to any item of clothing you buy.
I also saw a woman who was excited to embroider a name on a jacket, she picked the font style, thread color, and size of the design, and then it was done live in a few minutes.