Amazon Acquires Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Amazon has acquired the production company Metro Goldwyn Mayer or MGM for $8.5B. 

If you don’t know which company it is, it is the one with the roaring lion that did Tom and Jerry.

But it’s not all they did. Amazon has just acquired big movie franchises like James Bond, animated series like Tom and Jerry, The Pink Panther, TV shows like The Voice USA, as well as a host of movies and shows that are currently in production, as well as the human and tech capabilities to make more.

Amazon has already spent billions on shows and movies, but the content acquired by the billions of MGM will more effectively attract a bigger audience, and more importantly, maintain and grow the Amazon Prime membership that brings in $25B per year in recurring revenue.

I have been trying to find Tom and Jerry TV show streams in the Middle East and can’t find it on any of my four paid subscriptions (Netflix, Prime, OSN, Apple). I am hoping with this move, I can stream Tom and Jerry reliably to the family members who like Tom and Jerry, a show that continues to be relevant since the 60s.

A final note on this story, the thought of a techcompany 50 years ago buying a media company like MGM was absurd.

Today, the question is, what tech company will buy what media company next?