Careem 2020: Micro - Mobility

The region's favorite car booking app continues to simplify and improve lives by adding micro-mobility to its list of services in 2020. Through the acquisition of Cyacle in May of 2019, Careem now has the license and working model, as well as the entrepreneur and team behind the bike-share company. They're ready to roll out this new service across Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the coming months.

What Is Micro-Mobility?

At kiosks across the region, we will now be able to rent smart-bikes and smart scooters using Careem. Smart bikes and smart scooters allow us to get to work, meetings, and anywhere else, we need to go much more easily and quickly. The progressive emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai already have the infrastructure to support these modes of transportation. More and more of their roadways are under construction with lanes specifically dedicated to the use of bikes and scooters.

Careem Bike

With an initial launch as a separate app available on iOS and Android, users will be able to access this new bike-share service via the app or by the docking system's touchscreen kiosks with their debit and credit cards. Daily and yearly memberships will make this service a very convenient way to get around the city, and it furthers Careem's vision to improve its customers' mobility in sustainable and affordable ways.

Mobility Enhanced

Because most of our travel throughout our day-to-day lives are relatively short distances, micro-mobility is the natural next stage in transportation. Renting a ride is much more convenient than having to carry your bike, scooter, or car with you. With its foray into micro-mobility and its bike app, this will be an exciting year for Careem as it rolls out this new service across the region.

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Disclaimer: Careem is a former customer I did advisory work for.
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