Format of TV vs Radio Interviews

What I've noticed in terms of formats of radio vs TV, is that the interviews I am asked to do on TV are intended to be brief, to the point, and just enough to move on to the next pressing topic.

However, when I am giving radio interviews, I feel the hosts and the shows are looking for lengthier discussions to go deeper into topics, as well as fill air time.

I have linked below a radio interview I gave recently answering questions about WhatsApp's terms and conditions. The radio interview is 20 minutes long, versus the 3 to 6 minute TV equivalent.

One point on the topic of WhatsApp's privacy that recurs is that people were triggered to try another messaging app (Telegram, Signal). Notice how I said trying another app, not abandoning WhatsApp. Most users won't abandon WhatsApp. Some are dabbling with alternatives, but not leaving.

Listen to the interview here:
TV Interviews