WhatsApp and Instagram Modifications

WhatsApp voice notes added the capability to listen to voice notes at faster speeds. A welcome addition as voice notes are, increasing in popularity and duration. I used to dislike voice notes and WhatsApp for work, but now, I don’t see myself doing work without them.  They enable you to be able to listen to what others need without interrupting your work to read a message and the same thing for when you’re recording. Now you can save even more time by being able to speed them up.

Another app that has also done a small change that will hopefully have a big impact is Instagram. It has added the option to hide the number of likes on posts. You can choose not to see the number of likes on other people’s posts by toggling the option in the settings and stop others from seeing the number of likes on your posts in your advanced settings when posting. I had first heard about it in 2019 at the ONDXB conference in Dubai. I have heard of people who take down a post if it doesn’t get a certain number of likes in a specific amount of time. This feature is meant to limit some of these behaviors and insecurities and encourage people to post and engage more frequently on the platform.
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