4 Things you Need to Know About the Announcement of the TikTok, Oracle, Walmart Deal

1) Social Media is Business:
The Social Media content that you make fun of, contribute to global topics of data, revenue, taxes, & more. Please stop saying Social Media does not work for your business.

2) Social Networks Start Young & Age Up:
Many of you reading this are not on TikTok - yet. You claim it is not for you. It is for the "kids". You said the same about Facebook and Instagram before you joined. Remember me when you join TikTok.

I'm on TikTok if you want to see how business content can live on TikTok: 

3) Make TikToks not Ads is a Clear Message to Businesses:
TikTok is running a campaign with the message Make TikToks, not Ads. A clear message that TikTok is open for business and is on a (long) journey to educate businesses and increase the media spend that goes to TikTok. If you are a business and your ad budget today includes Instagram, Facebook, & Google, then you will likely start to include TikTok in your ad budget.

4) You Don't Have Control Over Your Content:
Your content (videos, profile, search history,...) reside on data centers in different parts of the world, not on your phone, and not necessarily in your own country
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