New Instagram Features Released in MENA

Instagram Reels is now available in the MENA region as of 15 March 2021. What is Instagram Reels? It is Instagram’s take on the rising format of short-form videos popularized by TikTok. If you think the videos you are watching online are short and fast-paced, you haven’t seen anything yet. What do you need to do to get Reels? Absolutely nothing. The Reels will show up in your feed with the small “Reels” indicator. You can also find Reels in the Discovery section. If you want to create a Reel, it is another option within your Instagram camera next to the “Story” and “Live”.

Instagram Music is finally in the MENA region. Music is a big part of my day-to-day and I am excited about this update to Instagram. No more pesky messages of Instagram Music is not available in your region, and your content generation efforts have a deeper layer with music. How do you add Instagram Music to your Instagram Stories? Create a story the way you usually do, Swipe Up, and look for the Music Sticker. Then you search the library for the song you want to use.
There are two formats: 
One with lyrics, the other with the artwork.
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