WhatsApp MENA New Features: Backgrounds and Privacy

You and I have both sent messages in WhatsApp and then rushed to delete them, and followed up with a message that says “wrong group”. You know very well what I’m talking about ;) 
WhatsApp took a stab at addressing this.

How? It is a simple change, but it can help avoid mix-ups.
You can now change the wallpaper of chats. Your cognitive mind can then use this visual queue to trigger a feeling deep inside of you that there is something wrong before you make that social faux-pas.

Plus, if you have been disabling read receipts for text, you do know that recipients can still know that you listened to the voice message by displaying the definite blue ticks.  A recent update to WhatsApp now disables the blue ticks for voice messages. Ah, the wicked social webs we tangle ourselves in requiring us to have wallpapers and blue ticks.
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