Sell Your Retail Products Direct to Consumers

The rise of the Internet has made it easy for home businesses to sell directly to consumers. This sales route puts the home business in charge of the distribution process, cutting out the traditional distributor that served as the middle man between businesses and end consumers.

Before the rise of the Internet in the early 90s, if you wanted to buy a bottle of perfume, your only choice was to head to a retail store (in this case, let's say a supermarket) and purchase the product. In those days, the home business that made the perfume would only sell wholesale to the supermarket because without the Internet, it is very expensive to reach a wide audience and distribute products.

Now that the Internet is ubiquitous in our everyday lives, many home businesses can advertise online and sell directly to consumers. A perfume business can now run ads on Social Media and sell their perfume directly to the consumer who indicates interest.

This kind of sales route is greatly beneficial for the home business. That's because the business is cutting out the middle man (the supermarket). The home business used to sell lit at a wholesale price (low) to the middle man, and the middle man would add their markup and sell straight to the consumer. If the home business sells directly to the consumer, it reaps the full margin on the sale.

Creating a direct to consumer sales route for your home business will put more money in your pocket. The price the consumer pays will go directly to you, without a percentage going to the traditional distributor. If you're looking to grow your home business, implementing a direct-to-consumer sales model could greatly improve your bottom line.
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