Ramadan insight from Facebook and Anghami

I like the line Facebook used in their report: Turn on Discovery Commerce  
What is Discovery Commerce? 
eCommerce is about people finding products. Discovery Commerce is about products finding people. I’ll elaborate.   
eCommerce is about searching and purchasing through a site. Either the customer knows what they are looking for, or they browse your online catalog very briefly before they move away.   
The assumption with Discovery Commerce is that your products find people based on the user signals that the machine learning makes assumptions based on the user’s online behavior. 

How do you do so as a retailer? Upload securely your hashed user data to the Facebook ad engine. Data such as mobile number, email, past purchased, and such. There are strict guidelines that the merchant and Facebook abide by for user privacy. The data is then processed by Facebook’s machine learning to let your products find people who want them.

Facebook IQ shared the following data on the online behavior of users in Saudi: 
·       84% say they are interested in trying new and different ways of shopping 
·       56% have tried live shopping in the last year 
·       88% are actively supporting local entrepreneurs
Based on Anghami’s Ramadan’s insight report: 
·       36% of users never order food during Ramadan 
·       63% take care of their beauty during Ramadan 
·       71% use Video on Demand platforms in Ramadan 

I will take this opportunity to wish you a Ramadan Kareem.

Facebook IQ Report 

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