Google Maps Will Give Eco-Friendly Directions

Google Maps announced last week that it will start giving more eco-friendly route options to users.

If you don’t know what that means it’s okay we all had to Google it.
Basically, Google Maps will find a route that has less traffic congestion and optimizes lower fuel consumption. Less traffic + lower fuel consumption = low carbon footprint.

This eco-friendly feature will roll out in the UAE but the dates have not been revealed yet.

Using this feature all comes down to a personal choice of how important is eco-friendly to your convenience as a user.  If your priority is to get to your work meetings on time, you might not want to use the feature.  You might want to enable it if you want to brag about it on social for gaining some social points there.   Many of us will also file it under “I’ll use the eco route next time, today I’m in a hurry”, alongside I’ll start my diet and exercise tomorrow.