Internet Essentials for Building Your Home Business

The internet plays a key role in your home business by taking out the middleman. When you go direct to consumer, this allows you, the business owner, to provide your product directly to the end consumer. From a solid social media presence to payment and delivery, understanding how to use the internet to market and deliver your product will set your home business apart from the competition and help your company grow.

Social Media

When it comes to marketing and communication, we're talking about having a strong presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You need to have your products showcased with good pictures and descriptions, and you want to have a good bio on your page to clarify how your business works. You want your customers to know exactly what is it you sell, and how you deliver it, the time frame for delivery, and the exchange policy. Clarity on these things will go a long way in building confidence for your customers. You will also need a solid understanding of how the marketing campaigns work on these platforms, as well as how to work with influencers to get the word out about your product.


Once you have your product properly marketed, you will have customers who want to make an actual purchase. If they send you a message communicating this desire to buy, you need access to a payment platform to send them a payment link and lock in the sale. Tools such as Zbooni allow home businesses to send a link to the customer, who will then pay you instantly via their credit or debit card.


When your marketing is in place, and your customer has paid for the product, it's time to make sure it gets delivered! Many third-party companies in the UAE, Saudi, Lebanon, and Kuwait understand and service this home business market. They usually have a tool, like a mobile app or a website, where you could request a delivery. They would then come to pick it up from your home or office and deliver it to your end consumer.


Understanding these three key components are integral to making your home business successful. The three components help differentiate you from the competition. Increase awareness brings more people in, and you will be better at servicing your customers, so they will not only buy from you again, but they will then spread the word to others looking for products like yours.
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