Should You be Concerned About Using WhatsApp?

With so many people using social media platforms today, the aspect of privacy is slowly fleeting. People are sharing their information online but who ensures privacy is maintained? Thanks to Apple’s new data transparency policy we now know how much of our data is in the possession of social media platforms.

While communicating online might seem harmless, it is worth remembering that online platforms such as WhatsApp, retain useful information about who you interact with and how often you do it. If you are a big social media fan, before you go delete your accounts, do note that privacy on such platforms remains a personal responsibility. 

Social platforms’ algorithms such as those of Twitter and Facebook are slowly gathering information and getting to know you at a deep level even without seeing you. People these days are eager to share personal details, clueless of the risks attached to sharing this information. While the content of your messages remains private due to encryption, they can easily tell where you were and the people you interacted with. That said, it is prudent to ensure you limit the information you share with others online.
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