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Proven track record with government entities, media outlets, restaurants and food chains, education institutions, startups,…


I have a proven track record of delivering results for Government and Public Sector, Media and Entertainment, Education, Telecommunications and Technology, Oil & Gas, Food, Beverage, & Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, Not-for-profit Organizations, and Travel & Tourism.

Digital Business Strategy

I formulate a customized and goal-driven Digital Business Strategy that includes digitalization of activities such as lead generation, communication, product development, and customer support.

Assessment and Improvement

If you feel your Social Media is underperforming, I rethink your Social Media Strategy, revamp your channels, optimize your content, spark engagements with your audience, and grow conversions.

Digital Advertising Campaigns

I create synergies across multiple digital channels—PPC, Email, Social, Mobile, and more. Masterfully planned and executed, your campaigns are optimized to deliver peak performance in terms of ROI.

Digital Outsourcing for Agencies

Leading advertising agencies around the world frequently involve me in their digital marketing projects in the Middle East to scale up the results of their efforts.


I provide thought leadership and insight to your employees, customers, and shareholders. You can engage me for speaking at your events, conferences, and offices about the latest trends in media.

Proud Father

I am the proud father of Lea and Jad who have naturally made their way into my music playlists, tweets, and thoughts. When you see us acting silly in public, do say hi.

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